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When you buy music at CD Baby, youre buying directly from the artist.

CD Baby is the world’s largest digital distributor and retailer of independent music. Our CD Baby online store sells downloads and CDs by over 500,000 unsigned artists, allowing those artists to maximize their music revenues by selling their music direct to their fans through their CD Baby stores. CD Baby has the exclusive digital distribution rights to almost 7 million music tracks, making us the largest content provider to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and just about every download and streaming site worldwide. We also allow artists to sell music via their own websites and Facebook pages. CD Baby has paid out $350 million to artists for their independent music sales since its founding in 1998.

Independent Music

CD Baby has grown to become a global leader in independent music distribution. Browse the 300k+ artists who sell their music on within our catalog of over 850 unique music genres. Support musicians who have bypassed the major label system in order to be independent. Discover your next favorite album on CD today! Browse Music

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CD Baby helps you make the most money from your music, no matter where fans find you: on popular streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify, in download stores like iTunes and Amazon, on YouTube, on your own website or Facebook page—even in record stores. Plus, we’ll help you collect publishing royalties and license your music for film and TV. Learn More