Helping musicians, and authors monetize, distribute, and promote their creative work both online and off

With offices across the United States, AVL consists of some of the most respected brands in the music and book publishing industries, including Disc MakersCD BabyBookBabyOasisHostBabyDisc Production Services.

Through its own initiatives and through partnerships with companies like Apple, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, Writer’s Digest, Xbox, Alliance Distribution, and many more, AVL has been able to open new opportunities for today’s artists and authors, giving them the most ways to earn money from their music, books, and films—without having to sign their rights away or make creative compromises.

With expertise in digital and physical distribution, CD/DVD/Blu-ray/Vinyl manufacturing, app development, book printing, sync licensing, online retail, web hosting and design, royalty collection, and more, AVL’s interlocking brands provide a single platform where artists can get everything they need to thrive in today’s crowded creative marketplace.